B’s Finance Minutes


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The Profit Centers in Real Estate Investing

In today’s finance minute, let’s talk about the three Profit centres in Rental Properties or Real Estate Investments. In a typical Investment, for example stocks, mutual funds or GICs, you profit from what your fund, stocks or GIC Interest rate makes.  So your Profit comes from one Centre. In real estate there are three Profit centres – Cashflow, Mortgage Principal Paydown and Appreciation. If your investment

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Financial Goals

In today’s finance minute, let’s talk about financial goals.  Energy flows where attention goes.  If you don’t have goals about how much you want your income, savings, net worth or wealth to grow, chances are you are not giving them attention and thus, they are not growing.  After watching this, set your goals. Let’s say you decide

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Giving your kids an allowance

In today’s B’s Finance Minute, our topic is about giving your kids a weekly allowance.  I have an 18 year old daughter and a 15 year old son.  I started giving them an allowance when they turned 8 because: 1st they learn the value of Money. 2nd they feel in control of their wants. 3rd they experience

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Goals and Purpose

In today’s B’s Finance Minute, let’s talk about two key ingredients to to financial success, Purpose and Goals.  Goals act as your beacon.  They help point you in the right direction.  I’ve read time and time again only 3% of the population write their goals and they are the most successful in life.  Goals should be Specific,

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The Energy of Money

In today’s finance minute, let’s talk about the energy we give when we are are paying for a service or a thing.  Notice what you are thinking when you pay for something: your mobile phone, car, your realtor fees,  or your mortgage. Do you think wow they are making too much money, or that’s not fair, or that’s ridiculous.  When you

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