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State of the Real Estate Market

What’s really happening in the market? Is it true that prices are going to drop by 25%? When and where should I buy?  Are there good deals out there? We talked to 4 Real Estate Experts LIVE to ask them these burning questions.  We’d like to thank our experts for offering our viewers their Expert opinions and advice as we continue through these incertain times.  Watch the edited recorded video below to see and hear what took place LIVE on May

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Should I pay off my rental first?

In today’s Finance Minute, one of the common questions I get from my real estate investors is this:  Should I pay off my rental property mortgage first?  My favourite advice is pay off your personal mortgage fast and your rental property mortgage last. Why is this important?  Because of tax reasons.  You cannot write off or claim the interest that you pay on your personal mortgage as an expense from your personal tax return.  And you can do so on your mortgage on your rental

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Goal Setting

In today’s Finance Minute, let’s talk about Goal Setting.  If you Google SMART Goals you will get 290,000,000 hits.  It is the highly utilized way of setting goals.  I am not going to talk about that.  What I am going to talk about are what are the 3 extra steps that you can add to make your goals into a reality. The first step is to imagine the type of person that reaches that goal?  Visualize that person.  What characteristics or personality or beingness

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The Path to Financial Success

In today’s Finance Minute, let’s talk about the path to Financial Success.  In the movie Alice in Wonderland, our heroes followed the yellow brick road to Emerald City.  I compare the Emerald City to the Kingdom of Millionaires. In Thomas Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Next Door, he studied the behaviors that are common amongst the Millionaires.  If you want to achieve what these millionaires are achieving, then do what these millionaires are doing.  I liken their behaviors to the yellow brick road.  If you follow the same

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Is Money the root of all Evil?

In today’s Finance Minute, let’s talk about the expression “Money is the root of all Evil”.  When you hear that, do you see money with horns and spiky tail?  It’s interesting how this expression is giving money a persona or the ability to create.  Money is neutral, it’s an object, it doesn’t move by itself.  The creation, and movement of money is done by people.  Hence the meaning that money has or the action that money does is something that only us humans have

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