Mortgage Renewal

With each mortgage renewal, you have the opportunity to

evaluate your current mortgage and compare it to any new financial goals you may have.

If you are approaching your mortgage maturity date, make sure to take your time to consider all of your options before you sign off on your next mortgage. That is why Karista Mortgage is here to help you find the best renewal options, making the process easy and enjoyable.

When to Renew?

Don’t leave your renewal to the last minute. As Mortgage Brokers, we can hold the rate for 120 days which give you options and flexibility. If rates go down, you will still get the lower rate; if rates go up, you are protected. You will still get a best rate prior to the rate increase. Hence it’s important to reach out to us 4-5 months prior to the maturity of your mortgage to review your options. 

Customized & Strategic Mortgage Advice Just for You!

It’s easy for the lender to quote you the lowest rate, because this stops you from exploring how you can use your mortgage to make your life better. They will not ask for your plans and goals. Give yourself the gift of time, strategy and education during renewal time and work with mortgage brokers like us who are experts and deal with multiple lenders, not just your current mortgage holder. 

Why Choose Karista Mortgage?

Award Winning

One of Canada's most awarded Mortgage Brokers

Reliable & Highly Experienced

Helping Canadians achieve homeownership since 2003 with over 47 years of combined mortgage experience.

Dependable & Committed

We are committed to make a positive lasting difference from your first home purchase to your 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses, and more.

You’re Our Priority

Your best interest always comes first. We work for you and not the lenders.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Don’t let mortgage renewal stress you! Let us help you make an informed decision that's appropriate for your situation.

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