Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

Welcome to “Homeowners Hall of Shame,” where we list the common blunders homeowners have fallen victim to. 

Know them, remember them and avoid them at all costs:  

1). Not keeping an emergency fund: Unexpected expenses, such as major home repairs or loss of income, can occur at any time. Having an emergency fund can help homeowners cover these costs.

2). Not keeping up with home maintenance:  You should keep up with regular maintenance, such as cleaning gutters, replacing filters, and inspecting the roof to prevent more costly repairs in the future.  

3). Not shopping around for home insurance: You should compare rates and coverage from multiple insurers to ensure they get the best deal.  

4). Not being aware of the local market: You should keep an eye on the local real estate market to know when is a good time to sell or invest

5). Not understanding the mortgage terms: You should understand your accelerated payment and privileges and use those to your advantage every year. Review your mortgage annually with us during your mortgage anniversary so we can explore your options.

Make homeownership easier with our help. If you're looking to buy a second home, refinance, or renew your mortgage, we're here for you!

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