Claim Your Home Owners Grant & Pay Your Property Taxes

Claim Your BC Property Tax Homeowners Grant

Are you a BC homeowner? Don’t miss out on your chance to claim the BC Property Tax Homeowners Grant by July 3rd! This grant can give you a discount of $570 on your principal residence, or even more if you are a senior. Here’s what you need to know:

To claim your grant, visit the official website. You will need your roll number, jurisdiction number, and social insurance number. The first two can be found on your property tax bill.

How to Claim Your Grant

To claim your grant, visit the official website and have the following information ready:

  • Roll Number: Found on your property tax bill.
  • Jurisdiction Number: Also available on your property tax bill.
  • Social Insurance Number: Required to verify your eligibility.

Make sure to claim your grant by July 3rd to take advantage of this valuable discount!

Don’t Forget: Property Tax Deadline Approaching!

Attention BC homeowners: Your property tax bill is due on or before July 3rd. Due dates might vary per city so make sure to check your property tax notices

To avoid paying penalties, ensure you settle your bill on time. Here are four ways to pay:

  1. Mail: While this method is still available, it can be slow and unreliable.
  2. Bank Teller: Bring your bill to any bank teller who can process the payment and provide a receipt.
  3. Online: Log into your online bank account, select “Pay Bills,” and choose your city to complete the payment.
  4. Lender: If your lender is collecting property taxes on your behalf, they will handle the payment for you.

Pay your property tax bill to avoid a 5% penalty.

Ready to ensure everything is in order? Have questions or need assistance?

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