What Is a Notice Of Assessment?

A Notice of Assessment (NOA) is a valuable document provided by Revenue Canada summarizing your tax return for the previous tax year. It consists of 3-4 pages that highlight important details such as your name, SIN number, tax year, and tax centre. The NOA may include a refund or a bill for any outstanding taxes owed.

Why Do Lenders Require NOAs?

Lenders require NOAs for two important reasons. Firstly, they want to ensure there are no outstanding taxes owed to Revenue Canada, as tax arrears can affect your mortgage financing and even take priority over it during a property sale. Secondly, lenders use NOAs to confirm your taxable income based on line 150 of your tax return.

Where Can I Find My NOA?

  1. You can request a duplicate copy by contacting the Canada Revenue Agency directly
  2. Access your CRA account online by logging into your account. Using the signing partner option with your banking login information provides a convenient way to access your NOAs securely.
  • Go to the CRA login site
  • Click My Account login
  • There will be two options, using a sign-in partner and CRA login
  • Click on the Sign-in Partner
  • Then choose your banking institution from the list
  • Then enter your banking login details and you are done.

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