6 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

(NC) Spring cleaning can feel daunting. However, doing a deep clean is important, not just for appearances but also for your health at home.

Here are a few cleaning tips to help make your home a healthier place to live.

Leave outdoor shoes at the door

Outdoor shoes can track dirt and contaminants in your home. Set up a drop zone for any outdoor footwear. If you prefer something solid on your feet indoors, keep a pair of slippers or shoes ready to change into and only wear them while inside. You can also give them a routine clean from time to time.

Start with dust and dirt

Dust and dust mites can cause allergic reactions and worsen health conditions like asthma, so place this step high on your to-do list. Use a wet cloth or mop for hard surfaces to avoid spreading dust around and use a high-efficiency particulate air filter in your vacuum, if you can.

Don’t mix your cleaning solutions

Read the label and follow all instructions on your household chemical cleaning products. Never mix household chemicals or use them together since some common ingredients, such as bleach and ammonia, can produce harmful gases when mixed. Store cleaners locked out of sight and in their original containers to prevent confusion about what they are or how to use them.

Remember to ventilate

Ventilation is vital for healthy indoor air every day, but it’s especially important to improve your indoor airflow when you’re cleaning. It’s easy to disturb dust and small particles as you clean or be exposed to a buildup of chemicals in your cleaning products. Turn on your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans when cleaning and open your windows for fresh air.

Banish mould for good

As you go about spring cleaning, inspect your home for signs of mould or excess moisture which can lead to health effects like eye irritation. Musty smells and stains or discolouration may be signs of mould. For small amounts of mould, Health Canada recommends using dish soap and water to clean them up. Bleach isn’t needed. If the mould covers a large area or keeps coming back, consider hiring a professional.

Clean up after cleaning

When you no longer need household cleaning products, make sure they don’t sit around your home – take extras to a hazardous waste disposal site. Likewise, if you discover unused or expired medications or health products don’t let them hang around either. Always take them back to a pharmacy instead of tossing them down the drain.

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