What is a T4/T4A?

The T4 form is a document issued by your employer, outlining your earnings and payroll deductions for the tax year. It reflects essential details such as CPP and EI deductions, along with other deductions taken during that period.

Why Do Lenders Require T4s/T4As?

Lenders often require your T4 form to validate your employment history and verify your income. These documents serve as valuable proof of your past earnings and can significantly impact your eligibility for various financial services.

How Can I Get My T4/T4A?

To obtain your T4 form, you can typically find it in your tax file. If you require an additional copy, you can request one from your employer directly. Alternatively, you can sign a T1013 form, enabling a tax professional to obtain your Notices of Assessment on your behalf. This can provide further documentation to support your financial profile.

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